Services specializes in corporate motorbikes leasing and fleet management services. We provide vehicle management solutions to organizations in the private and public sectors operating fleets.

Being specialists, our process of Fleet Consultancy comprises of the following detailed services based on which we create a fully integrated solution that helps you optimize your resources, implement cost saving measures while running your fleet with greater efficiency.

We offer a range of motorbikes leasing and fleet management products, suited to the individual needs of our clientele.

Fleet Management (Contract Hire)

Few organizations prefer not to engage its precious capital in buying the fleet for it. In such cases, purchases the required no. of vehicles and then leases it to that organization for a fixed rental. All you need to do is decide on the motorbike you want and we take care of the rest – from getting the quotes, placing orders, registration, insurance, taxes, fitting accessories to delivering of the motorbike on your doorstep is our task.

We work from the ground up, getting to know your organization, its philosophy, and its culture. This study helps us suggest the client a feasible and profitable solution for its need for fleet management. In the process of this fleet audit, we take into consideration various aspects like the industry you are in, your company objectives, operational issues such as mileage and term, vehicle types and brands currently in use, condition of current vehicles, insurance policies. Formulating the correct policy is the cornerstone of a cost-effective fleet.

Management Contract (Contract Purchase)

In this case, the client retains the ownership of the fleet with funding from its own resources or separate funding. The operational aspect of this contract is similar to Fleet Management. While the financial risks are with the client, for administrative purposes, it entrusts entire fleet maintenance to against management fees. This relieves the customer of the day-to-day administrative and management tasks associated with running the company motorbikes fleet. The customer along with the ease of services also benefits from the economies of scale brought about by purchasing leverage on servicing and replacement parts and its professional approach of cost control.

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